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Range of Services


At the phase of preparations:

  • Advising on hotels, sites of special interest, program possibilities etc.
  • Providing local knowledge for planning an itinerary:
    • opening hours of museums, monuments and other sites
    • estimating time to visit such places
    • calculating travelling hours between sites and hotels
    • calling attention - on special sights in the vicinity of the route planned and - on interesting events that may happen during the period of the tour
    • practical informaton about going to spas, food, money etc.
  • proposing an itinerary based on someone's major points of interest
  • Purchasing tickets in advance

After holidays start:

  • Transfering guests from the airport, railroad station, a Danube quayside or from any of the neighbouring countries to Budapest, Hungary or vice versa
  • Guiding visitors to all Hungarian tourist sites personally using my self-chauffeured car as a private service
  • Escorting travel groups in the region (Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovak Republic, Austria, Romania and Italy)

If my car is not big enough:

  • Providing minibus or bus upon request