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10. Two-day tour from Budapest to Vienna in the Footsteps of the Eszterházy Princes

Itinerary for the 1st day:

  • Short walk to see the monuments of Tata, a former domain of Eszterházy Barons
  • Sight-seeing and lunch in the baroque centre of Győr
  • Visit to the mansion of Eszterházy Princes at Fertőd
  • Scenic drive crossing a beautiful countryside appearing among the Hungarian sites of world heritage
  • Arrival to the medieval town of Sopron and stay overnight at one of the hotels

Itinerary for the 2nd day:

  • Detailed sight-seeing in Sopron comprising the Roman heritage of the town and the Storno Museum on the main square   
  • Lunch in Sopron and crossing the border to Austria
  • Visit to the Eszterházy Castle at Eisenstadt in Austria
  • Transfer to the hotel in Vienna

Castles and mansions are problematical to people in wheelchairs and this tour is particularly centred on them.