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2/A Little Town Hungary – Settlers and Artists at Szentendre ; 4-5 hours


Charming small town with several art galleries, museums, friendly restaurants and some specialities like a Marzipan Museum (almond paste figurines, miniature buildings and other compositions) and a large open-air museum displaying entire villages typical for the various provinces of Hungary. It is also a great place to find some genuine or funny gifts of Hungary.

Members of the artistic community having an exhibition at Szentendre are Margit Kovács, Béla Czóbel, János Kmetty, Imre Ámos and Károly Ferenczy.

Another peculiar feature of the culture of this town is the heritage of the Serbian settlers. Numerous churches, street names and a wounderful museum of icons stand for the memory of the people who escaped from the Ottoman Empire to Szentendre.

Being here, one cannot see everything but has to choose from the selection. To be honest, some are not even embarassed when they only have a cup of coffee and enjoy sunshine while watching others.

Little touristy in the high season and the streets are  paved in cobble stones so they are rather bumpy for a wheelchair. Apart from this feature of the footpaths we only need a short walk and everyone thoroughly enjoys this tour.