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3/A Memory of a Queen at the Royal Palace of Gödöllő ; 4 hours

Queen Elisabeth, Sissy was a protagonist of the „Happy Peace Times” in the XIXth century a modern woman at the top of the mighty Austro-Hungarian Empire. A lady who tried to realize herself and wandered continuously without  finding rest for a long time anywhere . One of her favourite hiding places was the Gödöllő Palace, the former home of the family of Grassalkovich barons. The XVIII century baroque mansion proved to be an excellent setting of intimate family life for the royal couple  and also a great place for a passionate hunter like Franz Joseph in the early years. Later, it ensured privacy for Elisabeth and an ideal ground for her dearest sport, horse-riding.

Visiting the interiors of the castle we will see furniture, personal belongings, paintings and other objects drawing a portrait of the much beloved but lonesome queen.

The castle is surrounded by an English-type landscape garden and some other interesting monuments and places are to be found in the vicinity.

To avoid larger groups it is highly recommended to choose the afternoon for a visit.
Although this tour is an extremely gentle walk there is no elevator to the first floor where everything is and that might be an impediment with a wheelchair.