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7. Jewish Heritage in Budapest; from 4 hours to 8 hours

One of the largest Jewish communities of Europe lives in Budapest and since the XIXth century has an influential role in the economy and culture of Hungary and its capital.

This long period of fertile coexistence has started with the legal emancipation of Hungarian Jews, blossomed around the Millenium Celebrations of Hungary in 1896 and almost definitively ended in World War II.

After decades of tragic decline ended and democracy re-established we can do a lot more than just building up a picture of a Jewish community that was living in Budapest by visiting certain neighbourhoods and impressive synagogues but we can also witness to contemporary Jewish life in cafes, community centers, synagogues and schools.

Depending on which hotel we start from we will first stop at the Chain Bridge and remember the Hungarian victims of the holocaust by a new memorial on the river embankment. From here we drive to the heart of the Jewish neighbourhood and pay a detailed visit to the complex of the main synagogue including the Jewish Museum, the Tree of Life and a cemetery . After visiting the synagogue inside we go on a short walk on the streets of the former ghetto and to finish our tour we either drive to the Holocaust Memorial Center or to the Balint Jewish Community House.

Having more than 4 hours we can visit some other synagogues, museums of Jewish artists, cemeteries and other places of interest.

Tour does not require much physical effort and with the exception of the Jewish museum it is also possible with a wheelchair.